Vigor best loot locations

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Vigor best loot locations

Bohemia Interactive's Vigor features fun gameplay and an interesting premise but lacks staying power thanks to its lack of variety in game modes. But a lack of variety in game modes mixed with a sense that the Shelter building system never quite feels interesting or vital add to its lack of staying power. Vigor features third-person perspective combat and is set in an post-apocalyptic Norway after a devastating nuclear war has left the rest of Europe in a state of collapse.

vigor best loot locations

Players take on the role of an an unnamed survivor, simply referred to as Outlander by everyone else in the game. There's an ever-present feeling of doom and despair as players roam the various maps, looking for loot and fending off other players. These can be accessed after completing the game's opening tutorial section, which teaches players how to handle weaponry and movement while introducing them to the post-apocalyptic world.

These encounters make for some of the most suspenseful moments in the game, simply because you'll never really know what kind of players you're being paired with. While open combat is certainly an option, the main point of these encounters is to gather various supplies and loot in order to upgrade the Shelter. But even when the graphics kind of underwhelm and they do quite oftenthe map design almost make it a non-issue.

This doesn't really become apparent until a dozen or so hours into the game, when all the maps have been played a few times each and some upgrades on the Shelter have been set into motion. Vigor 's lack of game modes outside of encounters is worrying, as there's nothing but multiple maps to break up monotony. One could argue that other game modes, like a death match, would defeat the inherent purpose of the game's loot and shoot skeleton.

Perhaps this wouldn't be such a bad thing if the Shelter wasn't such a disappointment overall. It can already be hard enough gathering resources in encounters that this extra layer is entirely unnecessary and annoying.

Its combat is fun and mostly refined, its map design is incredibly detailed and thoughtful, and PvP encounters really make its loot and shoot nature that much more enjoyable. But there just isn't enough content here to justify playing for very long, especially with such a frustrating Shelter system.

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vigor best loot locations

Related Topics Game Reviews 2. About The Author Corey Hoffmeyer is an entertainment writer, author and screenwriter who plays entirely too many video games in his free time.We started our journey in the one-year period of Xbox Game Preview that took a new step with the gamescom free-to-play release on Xbox One.

More than 1. This fact surpassed our wildest imagination, so we want to thank you! But the most vital question still remains… Will you be able to endure the harsh landscapes of post-war Norway?

For this reason, we have prepared a list of tips that will help you stay alive and become a successful Outlander! Your main objective is to scavenge various locations for loot and equipment, which will help you build your shelter, craft better weapons, and become a successful Outlander who will be able to face every danger.

Will you shoot your way out or avoid a fight? Before you head into the Outlands, be sure you are properly equipped. Pick a suitable weapon from the shelter stash, remember to grab some compatible ammunition its icon is in a solid colorand throw in a few healing consumables you should have access to Disinfectant from the start. However, it is a viable option to go into Encounters barehanded for supply runs, but in this case: be quick, stealthy, and avoid unnecessary risks.

Every time you enter a new location, spend some time checking the map.


It is a good idea to uncover all POIs to check which resources and equipment can be found there. It will help you when you are looking for specific resources needed to upgrade your shelter.

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After you get acquainted with the map, it is important to set your goals. Do you just need resources for your shelter? Or are you striving for the Airdrop? It is perhaps a better idea to fight for the Airdrop and Barred House when you get to know the area more, have better weapons, and have improved your skills.

Be aware of all possible exit areas; they are marked with an orange icon on the map. A few minutes after the Airdrop hits the ground, a radiation dust storm will blow into the area. The direction of the storm is marked on the map look for wavy arrows.

If you linger in the area for too long, radiation will catch up to you. You will know this thanks to strong Geiger counter sounds and on-screen visuals.Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. Do not add section headers or other elements that depend on page flow. This box will not be included. Lvl 25 drops The tier set "Lvl 25 drops" contains exactly 1 of the following item entries.

Lvl 25 drops - with quality The item entry "Lvl 25 drops - with quality" contains exactly 1 of the following items. Lvl 35 drops The tier set "Lvl 35 drops" contains exactly 1 of the following item entries.

Lvl 35 drops - no quality The item entry "Lvl 35 drops - no quality" contains exactly 1 of the following items. Lvl 35 drops - with quality The item entry "Lvl 35 drops - with quality" contains exactly 1 of the following items.

Lvl 45 drops The tier set "Lvl 45 drops" contains exactly 1 of the following item entries. Lvl 45 drops - no quality The item entry "Lvl 45 drops - no quality" contains exactly 1 of the following items. GPS Laser Attachment as item or as blueprint. Lvl 45 drops - with quality The item entry "Lvl 45 drops - with quality" contains exactly 1 of the following items.

Lvl 60 drops The tier set "Lvl 60 drops" contains exactly 1 of the following item entries. Lvl 60 drops - no quality The item entry "Lvl 60 drops - no quality" contains exactly 1 of the following items. Lvl 60 drops - with quality The item entry "Lvl 60 drops - with quality" contains exactly 1 of the following items. Categories : Pages to include in other pages Loot tables. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History.

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This page was last edited on 1 Februaryat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO.This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Vigor. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time!

Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions. Resources can be found in the build tab of the shelter and are used to build upgrades for the shelter. The amount of resources needed for upgrades increases greatly as the level of the upgrade increases. Resources can be found in most lootable containers in encounters, and certain items such as fuel and chemicals can be found on the ground as standalone resources that can give from 1 to 5 of the specific resource.

Resources cannot be found inside of gun crates or medical boxes. Common resources can be deconstructed to give 1 material per resource, except nails which give 5 materials per Nail. Sign In. From Vigor Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. This article is a stub. You can help Vigor Wiki by expanding it. Categories : Stubs Guides. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

Views View View source History. This page was last edited on 27 Juneat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. About Vigor Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Support Contact PRO.Tring to find the best places to loot in PUBG? Need the level 3 helmet, armor, And backpack?

vigor best loot locations

You should go into every drop with the knowledge that the density and quality of loot is variable. There are 20 apartment buildings on the north side of Georgo alone.

Georgopol — North, South, Containers and Hospital. Georgopol is a massive northwestern city bisected by a river. North Georgopol offers a wealth of large apartments to explore—try to prioritize those with roof access so you can clear the buildings top to bottom, the safest approach.

South Georgopol offers decent loot and medium risk. The hospital further to the south is particularly susceptible to randomized loot, but the nearby car spawn makes it attractive, aim for the hospital roof-tops to check the most visible and likely weapon locations.

The flexibility of Georgopol makes it one of the best landing areas, with guaranteed vehicle spawns, densely packed loot and the ability to adapt your drop based on the number of nearby enemies.

7 Days To Die Best Loot Locations (Top 10)

Perhaps the most lucrative site on the map in terms of weapon loot and high tier armor, the military island is the ultimate risk versus reward drop location. Try heading for the metal sign that overlooks the whole base—it has common weapon spawns along the top as well as the stairs and can be used to dominate the area. Alternatively drop straight onto the three apartment buildings in the central part of the base, the roof-tops often allow you to quickly find an assault rifle and scan the area.

Be warned, the base is very vulnerable to distant circles putting you in a bad spot. A central location stuffed with hotspots. The school is a self-contained deathmatch area and a popular landing site for those who are confident in their abilities. Nearby Rozhok is a far safer proposition, with a guaranteed car spawn in the garage at the south side. The apartments to the east are slow to loot, but are worth the time it takes to clean them out.

A water tower just to the south of Rozhok offers excellent sight lines over the area and should be a priority for any snipers. A set of winding and intertwined underground bunkers buried beneath a hill, the military tunnels are quick and easy to loot, but very popular.

Usually overflowing with assault rifles and armor, the bunkers are incredibly hazardous thanks to the wealth of choke points and narrow tunnels, most of which have no cover. Consider setting up an ambush at the end of a tunnel if you hear footsteps. Beware of people trying to get on the frontpage of Reddit by driving cars through the bunker entrances. This port on the eastern edge of the South Island has a huge container yard that can be tricky to navigate but is perfect for fully equipping a squad.

The likelihood of boat spawns and three guaranteed cars mean that you can quickly nip across to the mainland. However, Novo tends to attract experienced and confident players for those very reasons. Blind spots abound within the shipping containers, so try to land directly atop them and get a shotgun or UMP into your hands at the very least.

Another mini-deathmatch sheltered from the rest of the map by a valley. With five warehouses, two houses and one large military building, chances are you can equip a full squad here, but expect to have to fend off some serious competition.This map is the smallest in the game currently.

The map has a raining and clear version. The Adolf Kanone locations there are four on the map are based off the real life equivalents that are also in Norway. The motel is a location on the eastern side of the map that has a large number of loot-able containers inside as well as multiple chemical spawns on the exterior of the building, and plenty of glass containers on the interior.

There are also two food crate spawns in the back as well as three potential med crate spawns. East of the building in the back exterior is also an extraction point. The logging area is a small shed with two loot-able containers and nothing notable. The ponds are two ponds as the name suggests with two loot-able containers. Don't go here. This location is great to defend against players on the cannons, but has only one loot-able container and has no noticeable features besides the possibility of spawning the Radio Signals Detector.

This location has one loot-able container as well as a medical box, otherwise a boring location. The wooden bridge is what the name suggests.

It has one chemical that spawns under the bridge. The actual location of flak outpost south has one loot-able container, but to the west of the location about 20 feet there are two tents that spawn a chemical and medical box. The Shooting Range is a location that boasts both a range and a small building. The range has gun crates and ammo boxes. The building has a Ural truck out front and the building is surrounded by loot-able containers and the vault can also spawn inside.

Another location where the vault can spawn, the radio mast has a small L shaped building with loot inside, as well as a radio mast outside as the name would suggest. All of the Adolfkanone locations support a top cannon with a lootable container on top, but the inside of the buildings can have gun crates, ammo boxes, chemicals, and medical boxes inside the looping hallway inside.

There are also a few small sleeping areas inside the cannons near the entrance that can spawn the loot said previously. These locations are quite dangerous as if the player is caught in the outer part of the cannon they can be gunned down by players on the top.

Leaving through the one enterance of the cannons is also dangerous as other players can camp outside. Adolfkanone 1 also has a small building nearby that has a small number of lootable containers nearby. Adolfkanone 2 has the chance to spawn the radio signals detector.Every Fortnite Battle Royale player knows that getting the best loot as early as possible in any match is one of the most important conditions for surviving.

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But how do you prepare yourself for such a task? All you need is to know the exact locations where the finest loot regularly spawns in the game.

It is important to note that most of these locations occupy the upper part of the island. So if you have the chance to jump off in the northern locales, then you can be sure that you will find a decent number of chests for your plundering pleasure.

Sometimes the airbus can start from the bottom of the map, so there is at least one location in the south that you need to be aware of, as well. And, in order to have the full picture of the loot distribution on the map, just follow our guidelines over the next several slides. The first location you want to explore when hunting for the best loot in Fortnite Battle Royale is the spot right above Wailing Wood at the G2 block of the map. There is a tall wooden tower with several floors. Some of the best chests you will ever see can be found here.

The first chest is hidden behind the wall on the second floor -- you'll see it glowing through the wooden planks. The other one is located at the very top of the tower with other random loot lying around it. You will need to build an additional set of stairs to be able to get there, so have some wood material in your inventory before pillaging area.

It spawns in the upper part of the F2 block on the map. Usually, there is always one chest full of goodies right near the truck. But at times, an additional chest will appear on top of the truck, so don't forget to check for that one as well. After that, go down the hill and raid the two houses for some additional ammo that is hidden under the stairs. Moving further to the northern central part of the map from the Wailing Wood, you will stumble upon a river and a bridge that connects a farming area to the Anarchy Acres location node.

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This is another great place to loot chests and ammo boxes that are hidden in the farmer's basement and the area around the bridge. Check out all the trucks in this particular Battle Royale area, as this is where weapons and other items tend to spawn. But also beware: since Anarchy Acres is also much better known for looting, make sure to chug one of your shield potions and be ready to get confronted by other players.

The last best looting spot in the northern part of the Battle Royale map is Pleasant Park. This location has a lot of houses, but really, there is only one building in the area worth mentioning -- a modern three-story house that is located in the south-eastern part of the park. The chest is hidden inside the garage, so use your pickaxe to bash the doors and loot that chest.

vigor best loot locations

But don't leave just yet! Check the house itself, especially the upper floors. There are no chests spawning inside the house, but you will find some random single items scattered here and there.

The spot is not exactly at the Dusty Depot, but it is the factory located a bit to the south of Dusty Depot. It's a great location for two reasons. One is that it's not nearly as hot of a spot as Dusty Depot or Salty Springs, so you won't encounter too many players here. This means that you can safely gather your loot, and then you can go explore more dangerous territiories.

Second is that besides the guaranteed loot chests inside the building, you will find tons of ammo and weapons spawning on the ground around it.

How to play guide for Vigor

Once again, the spot isn't exactly at Tomato Town, but a bit to the south at the dockstation. Quite often you will find yourself here all alone, which makes it one of the safest spots to land and gather loot. Most of the chests are hidden behind the walls inside the building, so break them open and loot them all.

But the chests aren't your only source of valuables here. Be sure to break down the stacks of wood and other materials that are literally everywhere. This is a brand new place located near a green screen movie set at the Moisty Mire. Not that many people know about it yet, so you have the chance to be one of the first players to claim it.


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